Fantastic Wildbirds & Peacedrums video

Watch it on the Leaf Label blog. HOLY MOLY.

On fire! This band! Best live band I have ever seen and if anyone ever takes that throne from them… wow. Oh lord! Seriously. I am swooning here. Their live performance is so intense and¬†exhilarating. I’ve been listening to The Snake today. I love that record, and I obviously think it’s amazing, but this is really a band you have to see live. Come see them, Thursday and Friday! I’m going to find it hard to be calm towards the end of the week.¬†

Don’t forget to go here and watch the rest of the videos, Liar Lion, So Soft So Pink, Places, Doubt/Hope and My Heart. I’m on So Soft So Pink… I can’t wait for My Heart! This was in Paris the day before I was there for Scary Mansion, it was part of the same festival but at a different venue.

Love this band.


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