Interview: The Whispertown 2000

The Whispertown 2000

The Whispertown 2000 are easily one of my favourite bands, and they have been for a long time. I think they’re absolutely brilliant and I am so excited to catch their first ever UK show tomorrow.

If you’re not familiar with Whispertown: they’re a 4 piece from LA. They released their second album, Swim, last year on Gillian Welch’s label. Their first record, Livin’ In A Dream, was self released in 2006. They have a Daytrotter session, which you can hear and download for free. The band is led by Morgan Nagler, of which Jenny Lewis says: “Morgan Nagler is my favorite songwriter. Period.”.

Morgan kindly answered some questions:

A ‘challenge’! Can you think of two sentences that rhyme to describe your band?

The Whispertown 2000 is two super hot dudes.

Oh, and also two girls with bad attitudes.

This is your first time playing the UK, are you excited? I’ve been waiting to see you play for sooo long, were you ever planning to play here sooner or has this been your first real opportunity?

Yes!! We’re sooo excited to be here!! We’ve only dreamt of traveling far to play songs, but now we unlock our dreams.

Have you ever visited the UK or Europe before?

I have visited only once before on a journey with my brother, and then meeting up with friends and listening to their amazing music, and Todd has been here once before, playing with Michael Runion, but Casey and Vaness have never been!! This is like a double rainbow.

If you could play anywhere in the world where would you play?

Japanchester Island

Favourite record shop and why?

Amoeba Records. Because they have everything you want and are so nice. =)

How internet savvy are you? Myspace, Twitter, Lastfm… there are so many online web spaces these days. I know you have your tour Tumblr..

I, Morgan, am unsavvy as hell. I’d say Casey (Case-adilla), is the most savvy, but yeah, we’ve yet to tweet from our nest, but we”d like to challenge Marylou Rettin to a tumble.

Do you ever read the reviews of your live shows/albums? Why or why not?

Yes. for punishment. So not that often. Usually anything anyone says can be taken exactly both ways, (that’s what she said), for example, one review read that my voice initially sounds like a drunk 6 year old… insult? Or awesome… ?

You’re signed to Gillian Welch’s label, Acony Records, how did that come about? I have an old MP3 of you covering Miss Ohio live…

Yes, we were big fans, and not knowing we had friends in common, covered “Miss Ohio” on our first tour. Then, due to our sweet friend Jason Boesel, Gillian and the amazing David Rawlings, caught our set opening for the beautifully magical Jenny Lewis. We ended up making friends. I spent a good portion of last year writing with them, and learning so much. We’d just recorded our new album “Swim”, .. They ended up putting it out, and we couldn’t be more grateful and honored.

Have you ever thought of doing any other covers? If you could have the ability to cover any song and make it better than the original, what song would you pick?

Yes, we love to do more covers. However, I’d never imagine making a song I love enough to wanna cover, better. Different, and also nice, would be the goal. We intend to attempt our first recorded cover soon, for our upcoming ep.

I love the video you put out for Old Times. What was it like filming that?

Filming the “Old Times” video was a blast. We filmed the day after Halloween, so we were all a little tired, to say the least =). But, yeah, we had a vague concept, which went out the window. We had the best time “smelling the roses” of our surroundings in Ojai, Ca. It was exactly as it looks. We were blasting music in the high school parking lot, my Mom and my best friend were doing double dutch, roller skaters practicing routines, and that stuff wasn’t even filmed! It was so great watching those kids   playing football in the rain, and exploring, and having ideas. The makers did such a great job.

Cheers, mate… if you will.

Cheers indeed! Cheers to Morgan and The Whispertown 2000. The top photo is by amazing amazing Autumn De Wilde. Buy their records, you can get Swim on shiny limited edition vinyl, and go see them live. Here is their Tour TumblrHere is their Myspace, and here is that fancy video for Old Times:

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  1. Alicia May 12, 2009 at 7:23 pm #

    If I were to interview them, I’d have only asked questions related to Jenny Lewis…

    • anikainlondon May 12, 2009 at 10:26 pm #

      hahaha and THAT’S why you didn’t interview them…


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