Ivor Novello Awards this week

The Ivor Novello Awards are taking place this Thursday. If you aren’t familiar with these awards, they’re pretty prestigious. Just look at the fancy website. Super excitingly, The Leisure Society are up for an award.

The band’s song The Last Of The Melting Snow is up for ‘best song musically and lyrically’. It’s up against an Elbow song and a Last Of The Shadow Puppets Song. I purposefully listened to the other songs and I think Last Of The Melting Snow > all.¬†

The band deserve to win, the song is¬†brilliant. Musically and lyrically. I think Sonny’s photos from our photoshoot will be done soon. I’m really excited for the band and I really, really hope they win.

Here is the music video for their nominated song.

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  1. really May 17, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    Yes, good luck to ‘em, amazing they got noticed. There’s lots of fantastic songs out there which are most people never get to here but are just crying out for mainstream exposure. Like I think London band The Real Tuesday Weld should’ve got a nomination for this little beauty in 2006:

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