Listen to Nedelle

Cryptacize have just been a goldmine of brilliance ever since I first heard them. Firstly, their albums are brilliant. Secondly, they are a brilliant live band.

On top of that, Nedelle is a brilliant solo artist. After watching the band a few times this week I researched them a little and found she has her own solo project. I listened to The Locksmith Cometh three or four times in a row on Friday at work. Lastfm says “Nedelle grew up studying classical violin and performing in musicals, with hopes of a Broadway career”. You can really hear the show tunes/musicals influence, it’s a brilliant pop record. You can hear some songs on Lastfm. Look at how many times I’ve used the word ‘brilliant’ in this post. Did I mention she’s got a brilliant voice? She has. Brilliant.


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