New Bad Lobotomy songs

Leah Hayes, of Scary Mansion, has another band, Bad Lobotomy, and they have some new songs. Everything about Bad Lobotomy creeps me out. If there was a doll that was a serial killer (I’ve never seen that Chucky movie, but from what I gather, this is the plot?) that went around giving lobotomies to unsuspecting people as they doze off to sleep, this would be its favourite band. The doll would have a really unassuming name, like Peggy or something. You’d find it on your doorstep, take it in. Next thing you know, you and your whole family have had lobotomies. POW! Scary Mansion are less scary. Also, here is something completely unrelated: I think Brain + Juice = the worst combination of words EVER. Brain juice. Ewwwwwwww. Ewwwwww, gross. This post has been creepy and gross.

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