Peter Broderick- Below

I love Peter Broderick. This is beautiful:

Watch all the way through for the sweet sweet vocal┬áharmonizing. You can watch it in HD too. He is supremely talented, his show at the Social was absolutely brilliant. He played with a host of instruments including a plastic pipe he waved around his head, violin and, my favourite, MUSICAL SAW! Still the only act I’ve seen with musical saw this year. He does lots of clever looping and it’s quite amazing to watch one person make such beautiful sounds.

He’s playing at End of The Road. He also plays with Efterklang and they are on the lineup too.


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  1. Michelle May 7, 2009 at 12:53 am #

    Since you love the musical saw – you should know about the annual Musical Saw Festival in NYC. Last July there were 30 musical saw players performing. Wild. (watch the video on their website).

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