Photos: Beirut + Shearwater + Sharon Van Etten at The Forum

Maybe I should write my photographer-y paragraph in this post instead of the main review. Here we go:

Luckily I had my 70-200mm Canon f4. Thank the Lens Lord! (Though, if Lens Lord was kinder he would find away to give me the f2.8). Anyway, there was no photopit, just a very small gap between the stage and the barrier. None of the security people seemed to know where I should be shooting from, but they had their walkie talkies and figured I should be shooting from The Dogs (I think they said ‘dogs’? Maybe ‘docks’? I prefer dogs). The Dogs were two staircases that wound up the wall either side of the stage. I chose left. I was allowed to shoot for the whole of Sharon and Shearwater’s sets. The light was horrible during Sharon’s set, apart from in the last song. It was good for Shearwater. For Beirut I assumed I’d be able to stay up there for their whole set, but it turns out I wasn’t. I spent too much time watching/singing in the first songs and didn’t do enough shooting! Nevermind. I’ll review the actual show after I go to sleep.

Here is the Flickr set.

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