Photos: Brooke and Josh Weller

I had a busy day today and not any time to complete any sort of blogathon. Fear not, I am in tomorrow and while I will try to do my maths I will inevitably blog.

After work today we caught Josh Weller at Pure Groove and then marauded over to the Borderline to catch our friend Brooke play. Here are 2 photos (and mini reviews because I am too sleepy to do big ones).

Josh Weller

Bobbles and I caught him last month at The Troubadour before Alessi’s set. His charming, bouncy, circus-y, melodica-accompanied, folk pop hooked us in and we enjoyed his set. He was fun again today, although he had a bit of trouble convincing the Pure Groove audience to sing along with him. Here is his Myspace.

Brooke Parrott

The Borderline is one of my least favourite places for shooting. We went to catch Brooke play her set, it was awesome. She has a beautiful voice and is rather nifty on the keys, here is her Myspace.

…. then we got Nandos and I walked home listening to Emmy the Great’s First Love. It was windy and the wind blew in the holes in my jeans and made my legs cold. (This is why I can’t ‘properly’ review shows, I don’t think gig reviews are meant to end with the details of the writer’s journey home and sentiments towards the weather? Nevermind).

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