Rabbit Fur Coat

You know, I think there is such a thing as overkill. I’ve been listening to lots of my old favourites lately. According to itunes, I haven’t listened to Born Secular since last November, so I figure that was the last time I listened to this record in its entirety. I used to listen to it all the time (kind of the way I listen to The Snake ALL THE TIME) and then I obviously haven’t listened to it in a while. 

Now I’m listening and it’s sounding sweeter than ever! I love this record so much. Good memories from this album. 

One of my favourite things ever is when I first heard M Ward whisper ‘Say goodnight, Jenny‘ at the end of It Wasn’t Me. 2 years ago I was at school and we used to have this enforced revision time in the library, which was called sup study. It was in the morning before break time and I was sitting at a computer and there were some people being noisy, so I turned up my ipod really loud. It was at the end of It Wasn’t Me and I heard that whisper for the first time. I literally sat there for 5 minutes playing it again and again, and it made me smile. I’d been listening to the album for like a year before that moment. How could I have listened to this record so many times and missed this!? It was brilliant. I thought it was funny too. After sup study I went to the common room and sat with my friends and told them about this amazing thing, I was really excitable. They were like ‘oh ok, that’s nice’. Hah.


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