Review: Alessi at Rough Trade

So, the imminent failure of my maths exam is upon us. Strangely, the emotion I feel most is guilt. I’m not entirely sure why, probably because I feel guilty that I am less concerned about passing and that I will let my parents down. Oops. I know people who say ‘I’m gonna fail’ when they know they will pass, but I’ve never said ‘I will fail’ for any exam that I’ve gone on to pass. Luckily I don’t say it all that often, but genuinely, there is less chance of me passing this exam tonight than there is of me suddenly hating Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Alessi and Scary Mansion. So yeah, the outlook is bleak.

Lucky for me, I was able to momentarily purge my pangs of guilt and worry and meander over to Rough Trade to catch Alessi play. I feel very grateful that I got to see her play today, otherwise I would probably feel more distressed about this whole failure thing. I took a leisurely stroll over to Brick Lane and listened to Whispertown on the way. It was lovely to sit with Alessi and catch up, and for me to evangelize about how good the Whispertown show was yesterday. She started playing at one, opening with the short new one. She did The Dog and The Horse, a new/old song, Witch… which is my favourite, Ribbon LakesOver The Hill, and Hummingbird. She did Ribbon Lakes completely acoustic because the sound system decided to die. It was a lovely, lovely set. I loved it. 

At school there used to be a really intelligent girl and she would use the word ‘cathartic’ alot. I think the lunchtime show today was cathartic. I feel at peace. Maths exam, shmaths exam.

I had a chat with various folk then said bye to Alessi. She has a show tomorrow and the lineup is quite amazing, Peggy Sue and Blue Roses are both also playing. Come!

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