Review: Ane Brun at Union Chapel

Deja vu!  Almost 3 months have passed since Ane’s last show at Union Chapel. On one hand it seems like just yesterday, but on the other it seems like ages ago. My perceptions of time have been really warped and confusing. Ane was so fantastic last time I couldn’t help but get a ticket to hear her and her Diamonds again. There were many a good show on in London that night, but Ane was the winner for me.

We opted for a pew a few rows back, and sat back and waited for the first support. They were playing good music, Sufjan, Final Fantasy, Jens Lekman etc etc, so it was pleasant to just sit and listen.

There was one main support act and then a break. We saw on the stage times that two people would be performing for just 10 minutes each with no break between them or Ane, which was intriguing. The first was Jennie Abrahamson. When I saw her I recognised her as one of Ane’s Diamonds and so I was excited to hear a little sampler of her solo work. She has a wonderful voice and there were parts where she would stop playing guitar or just play it very quietly and you could hear her voice reverberating around, it was beautiful! After she left the stage almost immediately Rebekka Karijord, the other Swedish Diamond, took to the piano. She played 3 songs and it was very lovely.

She left the stage and after a minute or two, the two Swedish Diamonds, the English Diamond and Ane took to the stage. I really can’t think of a better venue for Ane Brun. The sound is magnificent and compliments her voice so well, especially with the amazing accompanying singing from the diamonds. Calling them ‘back up singers’ would be an injustice. They add so much to the music. They add that sort of atmospheric beauty that strings add, it was wonderful. I would actually love to see Ane with a whole orchestra. 

For the most part the setlist was very similar to last time, alot of songs from the brilliant Changing Of The Seasons. Ane was clearly loving playing and having a blast hearing her songs in such beautiful acoustics. I love the Scandinavian stage banter, it’s always the sweetest. Maybe because I love their accents. There was one lovely moment that was ‘awwww’- worthy, when Ane was thanking the Diamonds for coming and Jennie quietly said ‘thank you for taking us’ into her mic. Awww indeed. Gillian is one of my favourites from Changing Of The Seasons, and they didn’t perform it last time. I was super pleased to hear Ane play it this time. The Diamonds really shine on songs like Ten Seconds, but the set highlight for me was The Fall. It’s my favourite from the latest record and it’s such a beautiful song.

For the encore they played If I Had A Ribbon Bow, a cover song they did for Wears The Trousers. They did Petrified Forest which is Ane’s ‘funny’ tour song. I love it, this time all the Diamonds braved up and said the naughty swear word part in the church. They closed with Balloon Ranger. Beautiful set, if she  plays there again and you’re yet to see her then I would more than recommend getting a ticket and attending.

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