Review: Beirut + Shearwater + Sharon Van Etten at The Forum

I was excited about this show despite it being in a much bigger venue than my usual haunts. I got to watch the first two sets from the staircase by the side of the stage, which gave me an interesting perspective on things. The show was sold out and I watched the people filter in. I don’t know, but I would guess the venue was atleast 3 times bigger than ULU, so it must have had about a 2400 capacity -ish. 

First up it was Sharon Van Etten, who I was just as excited to see as Beirut. I loved her set, her voice was absolutely stunning. Beautiful! I loved it and wished she would play longer. There was so much chatter, I wondered how people could chat through such brilliance. Then I realized, they have no SOULS. The sound was a little murky and I think Sharon mumbled a bit, which meant I couldn’t hear or understand anything she said in between songs. She was joined by a friend on bass and did a wonderful performance of For You, which is still my favourite of her songs and I adored it. I thought her set was great and I can’t wait until I next get to see her.

Then it was Shearwater. I still haven’t listened to them (oops) despite several people repeatedly telling me how AMAZING they are. Well, I have to say, their set was indeed brilliant and I should perhaps listen to them. Jonathan Meiburg gets really into it while he sings, and there were some great glock parts. I also got to witness the mighty Thor, who I have heard so much about. He and Jonathan had a super cute cuddle at the end of the set. Awhhhh.

Beirut appeared at around half nine. They opened with Nantes. It was amazing to see six people making such sweet sounds. I was on the staircase for about 20 minutes, but I was a bit glued to the performance and didn’t take many photos, assuming I’d be able to stay there for the whole set. Well, I wasn’t, and the security made me go away. Booo. Luckily I was flagged down by a couple of folks from work who let me sit with them. I had to clamber over a few people to get them, I apologized to the lady next to me and she just glared at me, clearly very annoyed. Cheer up, grumpy lady! They played for about an hour and then came back for an encore. I was most wanting to hear Siki Siki Ba Ba. I’ve loved that song most ever since I saw their performance of it at Glastonbury 07 on the BBC. More claps and cheers and Beirut returned for a second encore, and played Siki Siki Ba Ba. I did a fistpump, YES! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The band were on top form, Zach seemed cheerful and graciously accepted the various shouts of ‘marry me!’ and ‘I love you!!’.

Good show indeed.

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  1. Felix May 9, 2009 at 10:54 am #

    Sounds like it was lovely. Jealous! :) Sharon is great.

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