Review: Bowerbirds at the Borderline

Bowerbirds played at the Borderline yesterday (??? my perception of time is warped, this seems like ages ago now). It was what I would regard as a ‘good day’ as I got to see Cryptacize at lunch, and a sweet lunchtime instore always sets me in a good mood. I did a ton of zig zag walking about London that day, so I was pretty tired by the time I walked to the Borderline from Hoxton. I met up with Ro (who reviewed the show for TLOBF). I missed out on Tim and Sam band. I watched Oliver Mann and thought about my sandwich in my bag, and I would go on to eat aforementioned sandwich. Sharon came to the show as well, her last night here before her return to Brooklyn. Both her and Ro digged Oliver Mann. Maybe he was awesome but I was too hungry to appreciate him.

Then it was time for Bowerbirds, who played as a four piece. Their bassist looked uncannily like Ro, and so I named him Ro 2. It’s pretty funny because a couple of months ago at the M Ward show we saw a guy whose mannerisms were exactly the same as my friend Adam’s. We named him Adam 2. Adam 2 was awesome. Anyway, enough about Adam and Adam 2. Bowerbirds were great. I was a bit in love with the beautiful accordion Beth way playing, I wanted it. Singer Phil Moore has a sweet, lovely voice that was very soothing to my ear drums. Bowerbirds have a new record out later this year and they played some songs from it. They played In Our Talons around the middle of their set, it was my favourite. They kept up momentum through the whole of their set, they were cheerful, charming and appreciative of the audience. Go catch them live, here is their Myspace. They mentioned they would be back September time… End of the Road, I’m hoping.

After their set we chatted with Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam’s manager. He was trying to explain their ridiculous name. I figured I best make a dash and walk back across the other side of town (phew! zzzz) so I said goodbye to lovely Sharon, it would be sweet if London could keep her for a bit longer. If you are in New York you should go see her. Go!

… and on the walk back I saw three girls in stilettos trying to run. It reminded me of this. Geddit? No? At the end of the song it goes ‘it’s pathetic/it’s impossible/ like girls in stilettos/ like girls in stilettos/ like girls in stilettos trying to run’. I thought it was cool. No? Oh.

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