I saw Cryptacize on Monday and Tuesday and I shall bundle my review into this one post. I have lots of good things to say about Cryptacize, they’re brilliant. They have the whole package. Great songs, great live performance. Listening to their songs I suspected they’d be good live, but wow, they’re amazing.

After spending Monday with Sharon in Hackney I walked down to nearby Cargo and paid £10 to get in. I only really wanted to see Cryptacize and after watching their brilliant opening set I figured the other 2 bands would fail to live up to the sheer brilliance of Cryptacize, so I made an exit. They just have it all. The bass is bouncy and playful, I love the rattle-y drums. The chunky guitar at times has a hypnotic, dreamy quality. Nedelle has a beautiful voice and she uses it so well. Some of the things she sings are really wordy and long winded, but she really sings them. Frequently I see ‘singers’ and they don’t really sing, but Nedelle does. Properly. And it’s fantastic. Not only that, she bounces around and spins about while she sings. With the catchy songs it’s hard to stand still do their music, I couldn’t help but shake my head and tap my hands and feet. I get a bit over-ly praising in the immediate moments after seeing an amazing set, so I thought I best stay away from the band, through fear of being all ‘ohhhhhmyyygoodnnesss youu are amazinggggg’ to them.

Then, on Tuesday I left work at lunch and power walked down do Pure Groove to watch them again. There’s something funny about the Pure Groove instores. They’re so sedate. It’s a shop in Farringdon, which is a very business-y area. The instores are often frequented by businessmen on their lunch breaks, students, and random folk. They have tables and chairs out and most people sit. Nedelle was singing Mythomania, the title track from their latest album. The words go: ‘every time we turn around/the moon is laughing at us‘, she was twirling round and round in circles. It fitted well with the music and I wanted to get up and tap my feet and bounce around as well. Guitarist, Chris, rarely stands still too, constantly swaying around. Mostly, I don’t often tell bands that I think they’re amazing unless I already know them or have spoken before. The band were packing their stuff up and I couldn’t help but tell them that I thought they were brilliant. I spoke with Nedelle and Chris and they were sweet and introduced themselves to me and shook my hand. I told them about Union Chapel, I’m like walking advertisement for that venue. I love it. They were friendly people and I can’t say enough good things about Cryptacize.

Oh, and it looks like super label Asthmatic Kitty lets you stream Mythomania. Seriously, listen to the title track. Amazing. I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow.


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  1. fulltext May 28, 2009 at 5:54 am #

    I do love your reviews when the bands have been fantastic and amazing. You should definitely tell them. Not enough people porbably do.

    You might like Nedelle’s 3 solo albums, the most recent being The Locksmith Cometh (2007)

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