Review: Great Lake Swimmers at the Borderline

It was such a lovely day in London on Saturday. I took a stroll over west after spending the day over on the east side. The show was sold out. I’m so lucky to have got a photopass otherwise I would have missed out on a treat, it was a brilliant show.

I got in the venue and had a sit down on the floor, like a baby. I always feel younger when I sit on the floor than if I sit on a chair. Not long after I got there Sharon arrived and introduced me to Great Lake Swimmer Julie. I was hungry and Julie sneaked me some food from backstage and Sharon gave me gummy bears. Super lovely.

Tigers That Talked were the first band on and they were great. They had some really sweet violin parts and I loved the drums too. They’re from Leeds, here is their Myspace. The trouble with walking all day is that it makes standing up more tiring. My legs started to get sleepy, and the place started to fill up so I couldn’t sit on the floor anymore. Boooo.

Sharon played shortly after Tigers That Talked. She was wonderful. Such a beautiful voice and gorgeous songs. I can’t wait until I can next see her again. She was joined by Julie and Erik again for For You. It was very sweet, Sharon and Great Lake Swimmers have clearly become BFF on this tour. Awwh. Sharon thinks her set wasn’t great but I disagree and think she was completely charming. Listen to her. Amazing.

Great Lake Swimmers are brilliant live. Everything was spot on. The band have a new record out this year on Nettwerk, Lost Channels. I am yet to hear it but I will seek it out and I recommend you do the same. If you’re not familiar with GLS; they’re Canadian folkies, their songs have alot of punch. You should check out Your Rocky Spine from their previous record, Ongiara. They got us to stamp our feet along live and it was fantastic. The crowd loved them and the venue suited them brilliantly. Singer Tony Dekker has a soothing voice that is just as soothing and sweet live as it is on record. Here is their Myspace. Go go go!

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