Review: Kid Harpoon at Flowerpot

This was the charismatic folk troubadour’s first show of the year and the crowd were buzzing. While I was sitting on the speaker waiting for the show to begin I wondered whether the show would be hampered by a chatty audience (kind of like the way it’s always noisy during sets at The Social).

I had got there at 9.40 and Kid was on at 10. I was beginning to get a bit bored sat on the speaker by myself, and then someone recognised me from the Leisure Society show and asked to see my comics. He was very chatty and friendly and likes Yann Tiersen, which equates to a win. By the time we finished chatting Kid Harpoon took to the stage.

I really recommend catching him live, he’s absolutely brilliant. His songs have a jaunty, circus-y feel. They’re all really bouncy and fun, and he doesn’t stand still for long. He’s got a great stage presence and was alot of fun to watch. He played some new songs from his new album which he has finally completed (yay!) and did a couple of really sweet piano songs. Then he picked up his guitar again and played, my favourite, Late For The Devil. I absolutely love that song and have done for years and I really loved hearing him do it live. There was a huge sing along with the audience. He forgot the words to the second verse and had to get an eager fan in the front and centre to help him out. It was really sweet, and I think I remember her from the Old Blue Last show last October. The sound levels were good and it was loud enough to block out any chatter (even if there was any) but everyone seemed to have their eyes glued to Kid. He did Colours, a few more, and then for the final song he did his Cohen cover, First We Take Manhattan.

To summarise: Kid Harpoon is awesome, go see him live. Myspace.

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