Review: Love Is All at The Lexington

There were 2 other shows I wanted to see that day. I really would have liked to have seen Woodpigeon again, and I would have liked to have seen Bishop Allen at the Windmill. Love Is All was the first show announced of the 3, so I got tickets for that, and then the clashes came. Boooo. Nonetheless, Love Is All were brilliant.

The first act made me loose the will to live. I was so tired and hearing their rackety, boring, generic noise, was too much for me. Top 10 or possibly even 5, worst band I’ve heard live this year. I zoned out for 10 minutes and tried to think happy thoughts, then Bobbles arrived and we opted to go downstairs to the pub and sit on a sofa instead. We went back upstairs just as they were finishing. The guitarist/singer was waving his guitar about and took off one of the filters on the lights above. It fell down and hit him in the face. It made me laugh.

The next act was called Ill Ease, a loopy (with pedals, not in the mind) type from Brooklyn. She was cheerful and energetic. In terms of appearances, she reminded me of Mirah. I’d really like to see Mirah play.

Anyway, on to Love Is All. Swedish, bouncy pop from Gothenburg. It was simple but very enjoyable. The saxophonist was particularly fun to watch, especially at the end of the set when he was manically leaning over the mic with his sax. The singer, Josephine, had bundles of energy and seemed to be having a good time. It was a great set, shame it was a little brief. They ended with Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up, and came back for a two song encore. The band had some handmade merch and Josephine invited fans to come find them at the merch table, which I always think is very sweet when people do that. If you get the chance to see Love Is All, go see them.

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  1. joe May 20, 2009 at 10:22 pm #

    I was at this one too. The first band are called Black Time, they rock!

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