Review: Peggy Sue + special guests at The Borderline

I set about walking to the Borderline in the drizzle. The drizzle turned to rain, so after 35 minutes I was drenched. Niiiiiiiice. I got there and met up with Bobbles, Mariner’s Children were just starting.

Mariner’s Children are from Brighton. They were folky, mandolin and guitar. I thought it was enjoyable. Here is their Myspace.

The mastermind behind Platforms:Live, Roy, happens to be the best playlist guy at gigs in London. He also happens to put on some of the best gigs in London, double win. Investigate Platforms:Live here. Bobbles was busy having an argument about gig photography on his phone. Apparently somebody thinks it’s the easiest type of photography. I disagree, just look at bad gig photos and good gig photos. If it was easy everyone would do it, right? Although, I suppose alot of people do do it. Anyway, they played Comme Des Enfants and then Fireflies In A Steel Mill while I was talking to Alessi. They also played Old Times later. Win/win/win. 

Blue Roses were next and they were lovely. I think Laura Groves has an absolutely beautiful voice. She was joined by a violinist and a drummer. This was the third time I’ve seen her, I think my favourite of her songs is I Am Leaving. The audience were wonderfully quiet and it was a good set. I can’t stress enough how wonderful her voice is, you can hear I Am Leaving and others on the Blue Roses Myspace.

In the interlude we got to chat with Alan and Scott from the tasty website Wears The Trousers. Alan had some new copies of the first ever printed Wears The Trousers magazine, which features lots of brilliant musicians like Ane Brun (!), Soap&Skin, Marissa Nadler and… Alessi (!!!). I got a whole bunch of copies so if I’ll be seeing you soon and you want one let me know. Alessi also gave me an Alessi’s Ark tshirt. Hooray for free stuff (!). 

Then it was Alessi’s Ark time. Ark o’clock, as you will. I loved their set and it could quite possibly be my favourite time I’ve seen them. 12th time, in fact. I’ve not seen anyone else as much, not even close. You think it would get boring seeing the same band over and over and over… but I think Alessi’s live show is completely charming and I am yet to get bored for even a second during any of her sets. Tonight she had the same dress on that she wears in her press photos. I like  when musicians do that, I can’t think of any other times that’s happened this year, besides Hutch from the Thermals and his stripey tshirt and Micachu and that white and yellow one.

Anyway, I’m trying to remember what songs she played: Robot, The Horse, Dancing Feet, A Man And His Dream, HummingbirdOver The HillThe Dog and then Asteroids Collide, I think. She did her Neva Dinova cover (!!!). This made me very happy, because I’ve only heard her do it once. Which, incidentally, was the first time I heard her at all. Back last December. I got a ticket to Ora Cogan. Alessi headlined. Ah, nostalgia! I remember sitting there and thinking ‘wow, this person is absolutely amazing.’ while she was playing her own songs. It was just Alessi playing solo, I loved her performance and her songs instantly, from the moment I heard them. I was completely charmed. Then she started talking about Jake Bellows and did his song and at the moment I was alerted to the fact that Alessi is probably the coolest person EVER. Yes, EVER. In caps lock and all. 

But that was last December, back to this Borderline show now. So she did her cover and also had some issues because she ate some salmon. The moral of the story is clearly: don’t eat salmon. Don’t eat any kind of fish! Fish creep me out. They closed with Asteroids Collide which I loved very much. It was a fantastic set and I loved it and I’m sure everyone else did too.

Next up it was Peggy Sue, buffed out to a 5 piece. They sounded brilliant and opened with my favourite, Once We Were Strangers. The crowd were loving them and there was a sweet atmosphere. I absolutely adored the drum parts. Vocally they were superb. Definately go catch them if you can. Amazing.

To conclude, it was a great evening.

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