Review: Scott Matthew at Rough Trade

A lunchtime instore at Rough Trade. Very good. I sauntered over East and listened to Scary Mansion on the way. Very windy of late. Good weather for flying kites. Alas, I don’t have a kite. There were 2/3 of Blue Roses sitting by that burger place outside Rough Trade. I like Blue Roses alot, listen listen listen.

I milled into Rough Trade and took a seat on the comfy sofa. After 5 minutes Scott & co took to the stage. They played as a 4 piece, which was pleasant as I was expecting him to play alone. He was joined by bass, keys and cello. He played some uke songs and some on guitar. I’ve not listened to him besides a few ventures onto his Myspace and Youtube videos. Some of his songs are bouncy and poppy, others are slow and sad. He’s got a strong voice, he noted that he doesn’t usually sing this early (2pm isn’t that early!) because he’s ‘only had half a pack of cigarettes’. He was charming and I enjoyed his set, could have perhaps done with a drummer or some tambo or something, but overall it was very nice. Here is his Myspace.

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