Review: Soy Un Caballo and This Is the Kit at Union Chapel

To celebrate Electoacoustic Club’s 5th Birthday, This Is The Kit, Soy Un Caballo and The Johnny Parry Trio (+ orchestra) shared a bill at the infinitely lovely Union Chapel. Will, the mastermind behind Electroacoustic Club, kindly invited me along.

I got there early so I could get the good pew. It wasn’t necessary, the place took a while to fill up but there was a nice atmosphere.

This Is The Kit were first, they are based out of Paris. It was a lady and her banjo joined by a gentleman with a woodblock around his neck which he would tap with a beater. I really, really enjoyed their set. She had a really beautiful voice, and if you’ve ever been to Union Chapel before you’ll know what it does to beautiful voices. It just makes them even more beautiful, the acoustics were gorgeous and it was very pleasant to my years. They did an a’cappella version of an old religious song, it was wonderful.

Straight after This Is Kit, Soy Un Caballo, another duo, took to the stage. I’ve been meaning to see them play for ages, so it was great to finally hear them. The duo are from Belgium and I enjoyed their set alot. You can hear their songs on their Myspace and also see their Takeaway shows.

These two bands have a lunchtime instore at Pure Groove tomorrow, well worth catching.

Then it was The Johnny Parry Trio, joined by an orchestra. Johnny Parry has an astounding voice, it’s very deep and rough. I don’t know much about them but I love their song God Loves Me, because it’s epic live. Johnny wasn’t sure whether the song was appropriate or not to sing in the church, deciding he would solve it in his own time. They have lots of interesting images projected while they play. Enjoyable set.

After the show I did intend to make a quick escape but ended up going upstairs to the bar. Will informs me that the Sharon Van Etten show on Tuesday was awesome. I also met up with Emil, a Swedish musician (no not Loney Dear) who I met six months ago. Strangely, neither of our lives have changed that much. It was a lovely night. If you’re ever in London you should definately head to the Slaughtered Lamb and catch an Electroacoustic Club event.

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  1. joe May 20, 2009 at 10:20 pm #

    Hi ya

    We met briefly at this gig which I’ve wrote up as a review for this website:

    I was wondering if you have any more pics and could one be borrowed to illustrate the review?

    Amazing Kimya pics by the way – I thought I saw you there!

    Best wishes,

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