Review: The Bobby McGees at Pure Groove

I was really excited when I saw the Bobby McGees had a Pure Groove instore this week. I saw them last year and they were brilliant. I power walked down from work, which is a mile and a half away. I finally feel sorry for the workers who have to leave early because they’re on their lunchbreak. But, it’s impossible to pull me away from a good instore, so despite starting a bit late I stayed for the whole thing. 

The Bobby McGees are from Brighton and played as a 3 piece. Ukulele, whistles, tambo, bubbles… all the elements for a good show. There’s alot of light hearted back and forth vocals between Jimmy and Eleanor, it’s charming and sweet to watch. They aren’t the most serious band in the world, but it’s really lovely and refreshing to see such a cheery band up for fun. I more than recommend catching them live, tour dates are on their Myspace.

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