Review: Titus Andronicus at Pure Groove

Go see Titus Andronicus! They’re brilliant. Besides a gander at a few photos alerting me to their level of photogenic-ness, and a few voyages onto youtube, I have not really listened to Titus Andronicus (I guess looking at photos of them doesn’t count as listening to them anyway), though I’m pretty excited to hear their record now (!). They play fuzzy folk tinged rock but underneath it are some really catchy tunes and drum beats. Adam informs me they usually play as a 5 piece, but today it was just 4 of them. They’re from New Jersey and have a record out. I would have happily watched them play a full set. They have a show tonight at 100 Club with Soft Pack, if you’re free then definately go check them out. Too many good shows on tonight. Listen to them.

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  1. gerlin May 21, 2009 at 10:31 am #

    Titus Andronicus played at the Botanique in Brussels back in February but I hadn’t gotten round to listening to their cd yet so I skipped it but I really regretted doing so about a month later. They have some really good songs and I imagine their live performance would be very wild! Lucky you to have all these free instores.

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