Review: Vivian Girls at The Brixton Windmill

Hello again, tinnitus. Why do I always, ALWAYS, seem to be standing next to the speakers? I never learn. Thankfully more than half the shows I go to are quite quiet, otherwise I would literally be deaf by now.

I headed to the Windmill for 8, I didn’t really want to watch all 4 supports. I got there as Freshkills, a punk band from Brooklyn, were starting. The singer was pretty animated and it was fun enough to watch. I think I read somewhere that Vivian Girls picked the support acts themselves. Next up it was Male Bonding, who were actually really fun, and the Girls came up front and watched and seemed to really dig them.

Then after a 15 or 20 minute wait the Vivian Girls milled onto the stage and took up their instruments. The queens of reverb. I somehow forgot that I have already seen them twice this year, and only remembered while I was walking down there. This was the 4th time I’ve seen them in total, they weren’t as chatty as the other times I’ve watched them, which is a shame because they’re pretty funny. I loved their set, Wild Eyes is my favourite. They did their instrument switch at the end of their set, Cassie to bass, ┬áKaty to drums and Ali to guitar. They’re a fun band, I don’t follow them that closely but I think they must have a new record out soonish, they slipped some new ones into the set. They’re always touring, go catch them live. Here is their Myspace.

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  1. joe May 20, 2009 at 10:24 pm #

    Cool pic. I was here too. Could only manage about 4 songs at the front before i had to take a few steps back. Damn loud, good tunes under all the feedback though.

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