Serafina Steer

Yesterday I got to hang out with a girl called Arabella at the Woodpigeon show, she’d seen Serafina a few times before and informed me of her brilliance. She was completely correct. Serafina was indeed, absolutely amazing. 

I’m going to review that Woodpigeon show and Serafina later (after I tidy my room so it looks less like some sort of apocalypse took place here) but I think you should hear her immediately. Here is her mypace. Kind of like Ghost Bees (and I looooove Ghost Bees) but with a sweet British accent. And a harp. Yeah. Enticing? For sure. Listen to her. I’ll write more later…

Perhaps read this interview with her in the meantime. I love that last question. And the prelude to another question: “ When I listented to your album I was a bit surprised because you sweared.”. Hahahaha.


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  1. kit June 2, 2009 at 4:40 pm #

    she’s really, really awesome (and on spotify) yay!
    You just can’t go wrong with a harp!

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