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So after the Rough Trade show I milled about with some pals in Rough Trade and got ice cream, then walked over the other side of London to the Borderline for Sharon Van Etten part 2. I figure I walked atleast 7 miles yesterday, no wonder I was hungry/tired at the end of the day (!). Plus carrying all my camera gear on my back… it’s heavy.

But enough whining! It was so worth it, I had a wonderful day. I will review the Great Lake Swimmers/Sharon Van Etten show later when it is less hot. I do not seem to be able to function at all when it’s hot. Good thing I don’t live somewhere that is disposed to being hot, I do not fare well. Here is a completely non music related anecdote: Once, I went to Death Valley with my dad and sister. It was ridiculously hot. We stopped at a petrol station and my dad left his window open, letting all the ridiculously hot air in the car. Then while he was paying for the petrol he had a super long chat with the guy at the counter. I nearly died, I swear. SO HOT. Here is a photo of aforementioned dad and sister in the desert. 

Anyway, here is a nice video that has nothing to do with Death Valley or being hot:

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