She Keeps Bees in London

I love bees. I think they’re adorable. I don’t understand why so many people hate them…. now, dragonflies, I can understand that hate. They’re vile! They make me squeal like a small child and run away if they come within a three meter radius of my person. 

Anyway, She Keeps Bees are coming over (!!!)

June 18th at 229 and July 2nd at The Luminaire. I’ll see what the deal is but if possible I’d like to go to both. Not sure about tickets and stuff but I’ll post when I know the details.

Also, they’re playing END OF THE ROAD!!!! Yes. This is good news, because I’ll be there for sure. Let’s hope there are no epic clashes at EOTR (please no Wildbirds/Whispertown clash, please, please). Jessica answered some questions for me a while back, go see…


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