She Keeps Bees in the summer

I love that band name. You can attach any number of things to the end and it works. Anyway, She Keeps Bees is over here all summer! ‘Here’ being Europe, and she has quite a few London dates and hopefully more to come.

She’s got a show at 229 presented by Club Shuffle, tickets are just £6. I bought one already. EAGER! She also has a residency of sorts at The Britannia pub by Victoria Park, put on by The Local. They put on good stuff. Shame it’s a bit hard to get to (especially as I don’t know where I’ll be living) but I shall try and make it over there. They’re also playing End of the Road (!). One of the must see acts. I can’t wait! Here is her Myspace.


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  1. aljuk June 1, 2009 at 8:27 pm #

    Huh, that’s weird, cus today I was reading an article about illegal bee keeping in New York. And it’s summer.

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