Oops, I haven’t done much blogging lately. I have been busy. This is the harsh world of full time ‘work’ (the work I do is fun so I guess it doesn’t count much as work). I am working a full time week this week, and because I go to shows straight after work I haven’t had much time to catch up, I still need to review Great Lake Swimmers.

But today didn’t really count as work. I did a few hours in the office and then we went out for lunch and it was lovely. Then right after lunch I ventured to Hackney and hung out with Sharon for a while. We went to the park and few pubs. Then all of a sudden it was 7pm and she headed North and I headed South. I meandered over to Cargo and caught this amazing band, Cryptacize.

Here is a photo of Sharon:

Sharon Van Etten. Listen to her!

I shall catch up with posts soon hopefully, but tomorrow I am catching Cryptacize again (at Pure Groove, 1.15- come! They were wonderful tonight!) then after work I shall go straight across the other side of town to the Borderline. 

I am processing photos right now. Fun times!

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