I have been really busy this weekend and Friday, I haven’t had any time to do anything for myself. I’m not complaining though (!), yesterday I went up to Hampstead Heath to take some shots with Stars of Sunday League, and today I got a coach with Sonny  to Oxford to help him with his photoshoot. We rented a couple of punts and went out on the river, Sonny shot in film and it was a beautiful day. It was us and his friend Dan in one boat, and all 7 of The Leisure Society in the other. Awesome times.

Here is a photo from yesterday:

I am too sleepy right now, but I will have some shots from the Union Chapel show I went to yesterday, and I’ll do a mini review soon. I am really clumsy when I am sleepy. I won’t type anything now otherwise there is the liability of my grammar and spelling being even worse than normal.

I am going to see Love Is All tonight. I’m guessing there will be 2 supports, which means Love Is All will be the 200th band I’ve seen this year. Wish I was less tired though. If the support acts are bad my patience level will be zero and I may literally actually fall asleep.

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