1 more sleep until Whispertown! I hope my hyperbolic ramblings about this band have inspired you to let their sweet tunes grace your eardrums. Tickets are still available to the show, don’t miss out. I intend to revise all day tomorrow, and thus am liable to feel sorry for myself and there is the danger I will end up in Nandos beforehand with Bobbles. Damn Nandos, why must your chicken be so tasty? Hopefully this will not come to pass (well, hopefully the revision part will) and I will save my money. If you’re coming to the show, come find me. I will most likely be at the front on the left hand side with my camera. I think I am the easiest person to stalk in the world, possibly. Just go to a show, head to the front, POW! There I am on the left. Anyway, stalking and Nandos aside, get there on time to see Lulu & the Lampshades because they are also great.

Here is a semi-informational poster drawn by yours truly:



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