Wildbirds & Peacedrums need YOU

EEEEEEEEEE! I am getting all giddy and excited just sitting here. It’s a mere 2 weeks, JUST TWO WEEKS (!) until Wildbirds & Peacedrums play their very, very special show at the Coronet.

They will be playing with a 20 piece drum circle. The thought of hearing them play songs like There Is No Light or Today/Tomorrow, or any of their songs in fact, with a 20 piece drum circle is dangerously exciting for me. I really can’t wait.

Really, you would have to be insane to miss this show. Clinically insane. I really wouldn’t want anyone to miss this, so please come along! Tickets are super cheap too, £6. Buy.

Leaf Label and the band are still looking for a few more drummers…

“We announced yesterday that Wildbirds & Peacedrums have a very special show in London on Friday 5th June in which the Swedish duo expand their line up to a one-off twenty piece drumming ensemble.

There are still places available for any interested percussive types. If you are interested please contact

So if you are rhythmically disposed you may as well have a go. I have to concentrate far too hard to stay in rhythm, plus I’d rather stand back and listen, but if you can drum then I think it would be a fun opportunity… Go go go!


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