YACHT on Monday

Lunchtime at Pure Groove. I like YACHT, Jona seems awesome. He used to do this thing about a year ago every day on Flickr where he’d post a video and let everyone comment asking questions, then in the next video (videos on Flickr can only be 90 seconds long) he would try and answer as many as possible. I asked him questions a couple of times. I remember asking if he liked red pandas and in his video he said he didn’t know what they are. Red pandas are my favourite! Last year my friends took me to the zoo for my birthday and a couple made me some of the sweetest red panda-centric cards I’ve ever received. This was last year, for my 18th birthday. Alas, I am not a very hip teenager.

Ok, I found that video where Jona answers my question. Here it is. And if you are unfortunate enough to not know what red pandas are, check out this and prepare for cute overload.

Here is the brilliant video for See A Penny (Pick It Up):

[vimeo 252637]


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  1. gerlin May 31, 2009 at 10:22 am #

    You’re so lucky Anika! YACHT are one of the best bands I’ve seen live so far. I interviewed Jona and Claire back in December and they were probably the sweetest people ever or something. Also, when the show started everyone was sitting down (and there were only about 15 people) but Jona made them get up and by the end everyone was dancing. SO AWESOME!! SUCH a good band live! And he has powerpoints and stuff. Lovely lovely lovely.

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