10 reasons why you should love The Snake

1. Island

2. There Is No Light

3. Chain Of Steel

4. So Soft So Pink

5. Places

6. Great Lines

7. Today/Tomorrow

8. Liar Lion

9. Who Ho Ho Ho


It’s just one of those albums that you have to listen all the way through, beginning to end, and can’t skip any songs because they flow so well and it’s a complete piece. If you were to break up There Is No Light and Chain Of Steel it would be like¬†separating¬†two baby kittens. Who Ho Ho Ho is the perfect prelude to My Heart. If you take it away it’s like going out to dinner and then someone telling you that your favourite appetizer (that complements the main dish so well) has been destroyed from the menu. Yes.

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  1. Alicia June 2, 2009 at 2:45 pm #

    two days ago I sang along to there is no light. my parents thought I was going psycho. the song is so so brilliant.

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