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Oh man, today was busy. I went to the daylight music show to see Yndi Halda, they were amazing. We wanted ice cream but went to Wetherspoons and I ended up in an AMAZING arts and crafts shop, in which I spent more money than I have ever spent in any shop this year. Not that much really. I went to two shops. I spent £25 in one. I’m not much of a big spender, so this was alot for me. Between the two shops I got some acrylics, paintbrushes, a pad, some new pens, a new black felt pen, an A4 canvas, some mini canvases, tissue paper, and, most amazingly of all, A DINOSAUR STENCIL BOOK! I like to draw dinosaurs. We read the blurb on the back of the book post-purchase. It’s pretty hilarious and I will post about it later.

I am working on Alessi’s birthday present. Because she is so kind and sweet to me I am trying to make it perfect. But, as anyone who has ever received any arts based gift from me will know, my skills are limited. I also made my dad a card with the dinosaur stencil, my friend Adam laughed at me for a solid few minutes because he thought it looked like a handicapped child made it. BOOOO.

When we stayed at the hotel on Thursday we played a game where we all drew part of something on a piece of paper. We made a character called Mr Sanderson. Here is Alessi contributing to Mr Sanderson:

I will review that whole thing later. Wahhhhh, I have so many things to do.

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