Busy busy busy

Today I went to the doctors. It was not as traumatic as my over imaginative mind led me to believe it would be. Phew. My ear is painful still, but my┬áhypochondria┬áhas been quelled. I tried to go the day without listening to music, because I figure it would be wise to give my good ear a rest. Alas, that failed. In the afternoon I listened to all of Alessi’s songs and then got on to Scary Mansion and had one of those gushing ‘ohmmmygooodnessssssssssssilovescarymansionsomuchswoonswoonswoon’ moments. I figure these moments are annoying for those in close proximity to me because my foot tapping goes into over drive. I have solved this problem by taking my shoes off.

Here is an amazing song that sends me into swoon mode:


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