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I found some time to do some scanning this evening. I’m quite behind with all the comics I want to draw. There really aren’t enough hours in the day. I owe Rich a Loney Dear comic and I’m working to get Alessi’s thingy done. It’s a thingy of vague interest to any folk who perhaps have interest in these types of thingys that I do. You know? Well, quite. Birthday is imminent, so once she has it I can be less cryptic and maybe post a few things from it.

But alas, I won’t have time to do that until next Friday I should think. So, here we go with things I have scanned:

Alessi at the Sanderson Hotel

…in which I eat fruit, walk along my least favourite London street during rush hour, Alessi and I do a crossword, play guitar, eat ice cream… and other stuff. SEE. Ah, that was a good day. Ark-centric days usually turn out to be good days.

Mr Sanderson

Here is a thingy we drew of Mr Sanderson, whilst at the Sanderson hotel. SEE.


Here is a comic where I do some ‘stuff’ of no particular importance. Featuring Adam and food. SEE.

Lisa Mitchell and Curly Hair

This was the ridiculous tube strike day. Booo. SEE.


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