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My ear is so painful right now. It was painful when I woke up and then around midday it stopped throbbing and now it has just started again. It’s horrible. Problem is made worse by the fact painkillers are expensive and they never seem to work for anything on me, so I don’t want to buy any. I am exhausted.

Anyway, enough whining like a sissy (pffft!). Tomorrow will be awesome regardless of ear pain because I’m going to see She Keeps Bees. I will get back in quite late so I am doubtful of my blogging capabilities. Then, on Thursday, Alessi invited me to come to The Sanderson Hotel to see her play. I am intrigued. A quick glance at the website indicates it is POSH. I don’t do well in posh environments. I am scruffy at the best of times, so I hope they let me in. She said I can stay the night too so perhaps I won’t be able to blog until Friday evening.

Oh, I miss the days where I could do 3289892390290 posts a day. I will think of some things to post for the weekend. Sorry if you have emailed me something longer than a paragraph and I have not replied yet. I will at the weekend. Also, Alessi is playing a show at the Lexington on July 7th . Come along, something to wedge in between the ICA goodness of Here We Go Magic on the 6th and St Vincent on the 8th. Or the other way round, I forget. 

I listened to a ton of music today, all in my right ear because it’s too painful to put anything vaguely near my left ear drum. I listened to Andrew Bird, I forget how much I love him. The man is a genius. Noble Beast is just like one giant swoon-worthy adventure. I am excited to see She Keeps Bees again, it was Sharon that introduced me to her music. I wish she was here too, she is amazing.

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  1. Samantha June 17, 2009 at 4:05 pm #

    Earplugs for future gigs? You don’t want permanent tinnitus!

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