Forest Fire

As anyone who has ever spoken to me for 289912032103th of a second will know, I quite like alot of music from Brooklyn. Lots of bands I love alot just happen to be based there. Sharon Van Etten, Scary Mansion, She Keeps Bees, Jeffrey Lewis, Au Revoir Simone, The Antlers, Chris Garneau… just off the top of my head. Forest Fire are from Brooklyn. I know Leah Hayes is a friend and supporter of the band, and Sharon wrote their name down in a list of stuff to check out. So I’m pretty excited that they’re coming over here, they sound great and seem like they’ll be alot of fun live.

They’re playing at the lovely lovely Luminaire with Broadcast 2000 and Stornoway on August 14th. Check them out. There’s a good video of the band playing here.

I’ve been listening to Scary Mansion daily at work lately, and I know how my posts can have a tendency to tail off into ‘oh my goodness I LOVE Scary Mansion’ type rambles, but look! Here is something relevant. Leah drew Forest Fire. Relevant, and also supporting of my theory that Leah Hayes is one of the most exciting creative entities, EVER.

The lady has pen skillz. Forest Fire here, more of Leah’s drawings here.

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