Friend Ships

You should endeavor to acquire this gem. Handily, you can do so here. It features two Alessi songs, Witch and the masterpiece that is Hummingbird. The Thunder Power songs are sweet too and they are a band worth investigating. Listen up. But yes, do seek this out because it is lovely. Both of Alessi’s songs that feature on it are two of my favourites. Alessi gave me the EP a while ago, back in April. I listened and listened and listened. I love it. Witch is one of my favourite of her songs, so beautiful. It makes me swoon. True, I do seem to spend most of my time in a perpetual state of swooning, but this song is particularly swoon-worthy. I adore it. It’s pretty short and has that magnetic hook, so that every time the song ends I can’t help but go back for a couple more plays. Itunes informs me I have a played it 149 times. So that averages about 2 plays every day since I got the EP, or about five and a half hours of that song alone. Alessi is such a talent. Perfect.

Listen to her! See her live.

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