Funeral of the Heart

I’ve only read Leah’s book once but I loved it. I read it all in one go. On Hampstead Heath. It was so lovely. The other day someone said the name Jeffrey and for some reason it reminded me of Leah’s book. I looked in the book tonight, the character I was thinking of was called Jeremy. Hah.

Nonetheless, I thought of it. It is such a beautiful book. I’d read it again, but between this new thing that I’m working on for Alessi’s birthday in a few weeks and my attempt to read To The Lighthouse all the way through (I stopped last time, will I ever get to the damn lighthouse!?) I have no time. I love the book and I would recommend it, you can get it from Fantagraphics. Or, if the economic crisis has made you redundant and left you penniless, you can just look at her drawings on her blog


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