Glastonbury, ahoy! But not for me. If you are going, I would recommend catching Alessi. Over every other act on the lineup. Adam and I were having a conversation in the kitchen. If I could see all the headliners in a tiny venue, OR, see Alessi in a tiny venue… I’d pick Alessi. Not that I don’t dig The Boss or Neil Young…. I just really dig Alessi. More than any of those big acts. And Bruce is awesome.

So, go see her. This Thursday, solo at the Dirty Boots stage at 5:30pm, then a full band show at 8.20 at the Queen’s Head stage. Go go go! She is amazing. All aboard Alessi’s amazingly awesome Ark… and alliteration adoring Anika actively approves and advocates Ark¬†affiliated¬†adventures. Wow, that was geeky. Geeky, and yet I am strangely proud. A is an easy letter I suppose. But still, that’s a pretty good run. Anyway. End.

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