Knives Don’t Have Your Back

Instead of listening to The Snake/Notes From The Treehouse/Every Joke Is Half The Truth over and over again yesterday, I tried to listen to a variety. I listened to a ton of music during the day, including Beach House’s Devotion. Devotion is my nighttime record that I love to listen to once it’s dark (I love it during day too). Because I had already listened to Devotion earlier I took a scroll down my ipod as I rode the late night public transport back home. Knives! I haven’t listened in a few weeks.

I put it on and I listened to the whole thing + A Shrine To Fast Goodbyes and Rowboat from the What Is Free… EP. Be forewarned, I am about to start gushing about this record. And I am capable of some seriously OTT rambling when it comes to this record.

I rode the tube and 2 buses and this beautiful, beautiful masterpiece kept me company. I love this record so, so much. It used to be what I would have tagged ‘favourite album OF ALL TIME’ but I love too much (ahem, The Snake?) to have just one favourite. It just flows so perfectly, every track connects so well and it’s the type of album I can’t bear to pause or shut off midway through. Each little detail is perfect. I love how you can hear each breath Emily takes and her beautiful, whispery vocals. You can really feel this album (!!!). It’s insane how much an album can mean. The piano, everything is perfect. I’ve listened to the record so many times, it’s all so familiar. I love it. If you haven’t heard it, remedy that. Listen to it at nighttime on a bus. Really, so beautiful. Words can’t describe.

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  1. fulltext June 12, 2009 at 5:16 pm #

    I love Emily too. Have you seen the new offical vid for Sick Muse?

    PS: I have lots of great music if you need any recommendations :p

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