Sorry for all the abstract posts with not much happening in them. I am packing my things up right now, ready to move tomorrow. In a bit I will head down to Rough Trade. While packing my things I noticed I have bought hardly any vinyl this year so I will get some monies out and buy something. Quite possibly The Snake. Ack! I am also meeting with Laura Hocking, she’s talented, you should listen to her. Then, I am getting Nandos with Bobbles (yip!) and then I shall listen to Wildbirds & Peacedrums + drum ensemble and possibly swoon to death. But because I have left all my packing until literally the last minute, I may well have to spend the wee hours of the morning packing.

I am listening to The Snake now. It’s really good. I’m also super excited for the launch of Songkick next week. Yay!


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