Little Hells

When I first heard Little Hells I loved it and thought it was beautiful. Then I found out Marissa’s show clashed with Au Revoir Simone, and I have this stubborn thing where I feel sad listening to albums by artists who I know I’m going to have to miss. So I didn’t listen to it for a while and it got a bit lost amongst all the other great stuff I’ve heard this year.

But now I’ve remembered about this album and listened to it a few times in the past week, and I just adore it. I am still sad her show clashed with Au Revoir Simone though. My favourite track from the record is Rosary. It’s dreamy. Beautiful. Marissa has such a wonderfully soothing voice. I’d love for her to come back here soon so I can hear her play. Check out this record if you haven’t yet.


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