While writing that Barfly review I listened to My Heart a couple of times, which gives the studio version on The Snake a total play count on my ipod, of 201 plays. So here are some revised mathematics:

7 minutes 39 seconds = 459 seconds.

459 x 201 =92,259 seconds of My Heart

92,259/60= 1537.65 minutes of My Heart

1537.65/60 = 25.6 hours of My Heart

Mostly all since February. I wish I noticed when it was the play that was for 24 hours, that would have been cool. Actually, no, no it wouldn’t. It would be incredibly geeky and pretty much as far from cool as possible.

Lost without yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rhyyyyyyyyyyyyythmmmmmmmmmmmmm (!).


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