New Amy Millan

WHAT A GREAT EVENING! To continue the trend of exciting new album news, details about Amy’s second solo album have been released, along with the album artwork. It’s of an elephant’s trunk/tusk. Interesting stuff. OR, is it one of those things where it looks like an elephant’s tusk/trunk, but is actually an old lady looking out a window? No. Probably not. Anyway.

The album follows the brilliant Honey From The Tombs, and is titled Masters Of The Burial. Arts & Crafts are releasing it in September. The record also features her Death Cab cover of I Will Follow You Into The Dark. It’s a gorgeous cover. I have the 2006 Morning Becomes Eclectic version on my ipod, it’s as sweet as anything. Better than the original, for sure. Guests on the album also include her Broken Social Scene buddy Leslie Feist. If it’s as good as Honey then I’m going to be very happy. Check out Wears The Trousers for a tracklist.

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