Photo: Alessi’s Ark at the Sanderson Hotel

Well, kind of.  More like a photo of Alessi and her friend Christine in a giant bathtub. We had a very lovely time in the super posh hotel. Despite the place being massive, 5 of us slept in one bed. I didn’t sleep that great. So today I was SUPER tired at work, it was a massive battle to stay awake. Luckily because it’s Friday we all went out for a long lunch, I got ice cream. MMM. My life makes no sense, and I love it.

I will review the whole Sanderson show thing-a-ma-jig tomorrow. I will also blog about other things, reply to emails and do stuff I haven’t had time to do this week. I’m also going to pop to town and attend the daylight music show at Union Chapel.

It’s only early, but as aforementioned, I am super tired. I will go to bed now, and it’s not even dark yet. Amazing. Going to bed early means getting up early. Yay. My ear is still bad so rest is all the more welcome.

Oh and prepare yourself now for a ridiculously gushing ramble about Alessi. And my vocabulary is limited, so expect lots of ‘lovely’ ‘amazing’ and ‘sweet’. I like those words. But really, I can’t articulate how brilliant Alessi is. Such a truly amazing person, her parents are lovely and so are her friends. Even if Scary Mansion was playing a show with Wildbirds & Peacedrums, I don’t think I would have rather have been anywhere else in the world than where I was yesterday. Perfect.


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  1. Gerlin June 20, 2009 at 10:25 am #

    That looks soo lovely! And fancy!

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