Photos: She Keeps Bees at The Britannia

Here are 2 photos from my weekly dosage of She Keeps Bees. I’ll review it either tomorrow or Friday. I will also do a proper review for For Folks Sake. One that does not center around my ear pain.

Everything is more exhausting when your ear feels like it is repeatedly imploding. She Keeps Bees was the only thing fueling me today, and it was a pleasure to see them again. Jessica is amazingly warm and kind, as soon as I told her about my ear she wanted to send me home and make me chicken soup. They rounded off the set with my favourite song, more gushing on that later. After that song Jessica thanked the crowd and added ‘this show was for Anika. She has an ear infection. WE NEED CHICKEN SOUP.’ It warmed my heart. So much love for She Keeps Bees.

So, in the meantime before my gushing review, listen to She Keeps Bees. I adore this band. I am going to review the album for The Line Of Best Fit, as per my previous resolution to write more. I have a new goal, too. I like to set goals. My new goal is to have someone put a quote of mine on a sticker or a press release or anywhere. I think it would be funny.

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