Platforms, made of GENIUS

It’s no secret that I LOVE Platforms. The mastermind behind it all, Roy, happens to have amazing music taste. Mostly because it’s very very similar to mine (yay!), and he always books the best shows. Just look at the Platforms site.

1. Peter and the Wolf @ Brixton Windmill. Sweet sweet sweet.

2. SOKO (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) @ Dingwalls. I saw Soko last November and she was unexpectedly brilliant. I had only heard one of her songs prior, but I adored her set. She was cheerful and funny and her songs are simple but charming.

3. Forest Fire + Broadcast 2000 @ Luminaire. AMAZING. Sharon Van Etten wrote me  a little list of bands to check out, Forest Fire were one of the bands. I am super excited to see them. Not only that, Broadcast 2000 are also brilliant.

4. WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS @ UNION CHAPEL. With Loney, Dear no less. AND, there is a third special guest, which has me swooning to no end. This lineup is incredible. Very, very exciting indeed. Union Chapel is my favourite venue in London. This is going to be spectacular.

Platforms also always have the best DJ music on at these events. It’s one of my many life goals to get to be the DJ at something, but at Platforms events Roy plays practically what I’d play anyway. WIN. You can get tickets for all these events from the Platforms site. I am very excited.

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