Review: Fanfarlo at the ICA

The first time I saw Fanfarlo was at the relatively tiny 229. My enjoyment of the evening was impaired by the fact that I was ill and the weather outside (that I had just been walking in) was freezing. We left early, and so it was nice to see the band Bandstand Busk last month. I fell in love with Luna from their new release Reservoir, and so I was pretty excited to hear them play it at the ICA.

The first act, (who have an annoying name I have to cut and paste) Agaskodo Teliverek, were insane. It was just noise, and the singer was torpedoing her self about like a loon. It was awesome. Stricken City were next, they were good. The singer has a strong voice and I wouldn’t mind watching them again.

Then it was Fanfarlo! The place was packed out and everyone was melting. The ICA’s theatre is basically a little black box, and I’m no scientist, but if you fill a black room full of people it’s going to get HOT. It did. They played a great set, and had Jeremy Warmsley join them on guitar. It was great to hear Luna but the real treat came in the encore.

The whole band left the stage and stood in the middle of the audience and played a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. That is pretty much one of my favourite songs ever, and the impromptu performance of it had me swooning and singing along. I would have expected a solid 90% of people there to know the song, but sadly most people didn’t seem to know it and so there wasn’t an epic sing along. For shame, if you don’t know it, remedy that!  The horn part was brilliant and I adored the whole thing, one of my favourite gig moments of 2009. 


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  1. Chongy June 8, 2009 at 8:01 am #

    Sounds good. How were the acoustics in the ICAs theatre?

    I’m surprised that the crowd didn’t know the words to NMH, would’ve thought that was the sort of crowd that was into In The Aeroplane Over The Sea!

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